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About Fiber Guide and OTT partnership

Our optical networking courses are developed by Optical Technology Training (OTT) and licensed to FiberGuide for course delivery. Delegates can take advantage of OTT’s decades of experience developing well structured and continuously upgraded course content and FiberGuide’s training expertise and strong background in optical communications.Delegates also benefit from OTT’s wealth of online resources available to them for one year following the training. OTT’s well regarded certification program is a must have for optical network engineers – whether you are starting in this field or you are an experienced engineer wishing to keep abreast of the ever changing optical networking technologies.

Certification programs

Our Courses

Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA)

This intense, 5-day, introductory optical networking course from OTT focuses on the fundamentals of optical communications. Delegates gain an in-depth knowledge in the planning, designing and operation of CWDM or DWDM networks based on direct detection systems. This vendor-neutral optical networking training program application focus is on metro networks, fiber to the antenna, data center interconnects and other long distance optical communication applications.

Certified Optical Network Engineer (CONE)

This advanced, 5-day, optical networking course from OTT focuses on higher speed transmission networks. CONE enables delegates to get a grasp on the trends in optical networking at 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s, 800Gb/s and beyond in core networks using coherent systems.. This will help them understand how higher speed transmission can be met by the system they design. Successful completion of CONA is required for delegates to be enrolled in CONE.

Certified Fiber Characterization Engineer (CFCE)

The intense, 5-day, Certified Fiber Characterization Engineer (CFCE) fiber optic training program is designed for test engineers, network operators, and others in related roles. Delegates learn how to carry out complete fiber optic characterization including, bi-directional OTDR testing, Chromatic Dispersion (CD) testing, Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) testing and spectral attenuation measurement.
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Why optical networking training?

Developments in video streaming, 5G, autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT) and others drive demand for bandwidth which in turn puts a tremendous amount of pressure on different types of optical networks. 5G optical transport networks, carrier Ethernet, access networks such as Fiber To The Home (FTTH), metropolitan networks, terrestrial long haul networks and transoceanic networks all require changes to accommodate higher transmission rates. These changes have seen a rapid evolution of transmission technologies from SONET/SDH to Optical Transport Networks (OTN) capable of up to 1Tbps in a single wavelength channel. These developments are compelling engineers in different roles to seek additional skills by enrolling in optical communication training programs.



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Training format

We offer two training formats – open enrollment and custom training. Open enrollment classes are pre scheduled and anyone can sign up to participate. Most of our open enrollment classes are offered in the Washington D.C. metro area but we host classes in other locations from time to time. Contact us for information about open enrollment classes in other locations either by FiberGuide or by other OTT partners. In the custom training format, we host training at company locations when companies need training for their employees. Contact us to discuss your company requirements.